Call for Lightning Talks and Posters for June Conference

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Promote your work or solicit input.  It’s open to everyone!

Do you have a Raritan based project you want to tell others about?  The Sustainable Raritan River Initiative’s annual conference attracts 200 Raritan stakeholders from local and regional NGOs, federal, state and local governments, academia, and the private sector.

The conference includes a series of lightning talks on a broad range of topics with the central theme of work in and around the Raritan River in the areas of public access, habitat restoration, water quality, water quantity, resilience, fisheries, environmental policy/planning/education and other similar topics.  This year’s conference will have a focus on climate risk and resilience across the Raritan region.

Lightning talks have a strict time limit of five minutes, using from zero to three PowerPoint slides, and must be supported by a poster (required).  The intent of each lightning talk is to: (1) quickly and succinctly state your problem, (2) describe how you addressed it, (3) note the outcome (or expected outcome) of your work, and (4) highlight the main take away.  Talks should be fun and should not get bogged down in details – save that for the poster!

Posters should address the same four points noted above but in greater detail.  Posters are limited to 4 feet wide by 3 feet tall (landscape orientation).  If space permits, we will accept posters not associated with a lightning talk.

How to Apply:  Send an email with the subject line, “Lightning Talk Proposal” or “Poster Proposal”, to  Include in the body of the email your contact information and a brief outline of your project addressing the four points noted under “rules of participation”.  Be sure to connect your work to the Raritan River, basin or bay!

Friday, May 17, 2019 is the proposal submission deadline.

Conference Details:  This full-day conference takes place on Friday, June 7, 2019 at the Richard Weeks Hall of Engineering on Rutgers Piscataway Campus.  Posters will be shown all day.  Lightning talks are interspersed throughout the conference.  The conference will end with a formal poster session and networking reception.

Space is limited.  Submit your proposal NOW!

Contact Sara Malone at (preferred) or (848) 932-2720, if you have questions.

Image of poster session from 2018 conference by Sonia Szczesna.