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Access to Nature for People with Disabilities
Access to Nature for People with Disabilities2023

A statewide initiative focused on expanding access for people with disabilities to nature and outdoor recreation. 

New Jersey Watershed Restoration and Adaptation Planning2023

Working collaboratively with the NJ Department of Environmental Protection to develop and improve data and tools to support statewide watershed planning and programs.

Municipal Environmental Justice Action Plans
Web-based Guidance for Municipal Environmental Justice Action Plans2023

The guidance is designed to provide municipalities with background, methods and strategies that can be used to develop municipal Environmental Justice Action Plans.

Smart Kid Cool Seniors
Smart Kids and Cool Seniors2023

This project seeks to empower communities to make better choices about the multi-dimensional challenge of protecting vulnerable elderly people during life-threatening summer heatwaves, while taking into account poor outdoor and indoor air quality (IAQ/OAQ).

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Advancing U.S. Adoption of Innovative Strategies to Intersect Health and Equity with Climate Change Action2022

The project will identify and translate “bright spots” of efforts outside the US that fundamentally intersect equity, climate change and health goals and outcomes to advance transformative policy, systems and environmental change.

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New Jersey Energy Data Center2021,

The purpose of the site is to help promote public understanding regarding energy and its interaction with the economy and the environment.

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NJ Public Health Infrastructure2021

The objective of this project is to collect, analyze, assimilate, frame, and communicate key issues that will compel the advancement of meaningful and systematic change in the state’s public health infrastructure and capacity.

Designing for Engagement in Indoor Air Quality in Low-Income Households
Designing for Engagement in Indoor Air Quality in Low-Income Households2020

This research, funded by Community Design for Health and Wellness, seeks to contribute to new understanding of the persuasive force of a technology that is coupled with the collective power of community-driven efforts in assessing, visualizing and ultimately solving societal problems that low-income households face.

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School District Accountability Scorecard2019

Our Local Government Research group serves as an independent Comprehensive Accountability Office (CAO) that monitors and reports on each districts’ compliance using an Accountability Scorecard.

State of the Raritan Reports
State of the Raritan Reports2019, , , ,

The Sustainable Raritan River Initiative (SRRI) produced Volume 1 of the State of the Raritan …

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NJ Green Building Manual
New Jersey Green Building Guidelines2019

The NJ Green Building Manual is a resource tailored for NJ that provides economic and environmental best practices across the spectrum of green building categories including energy, emissions, water, waste, siting, transportation, and human health.

NJ BPU Clean Energy Program
Clean Energy Evaluation and Market Assessment2019

Contracted by the NJ Board of Public Utilities (BPU), Rutgers Center for Green Building is the statewide evaluator of the NJ Clean Energy Program.

Rutgers 2030 Master Plan Public Access Planning Studio2018,

Seven graduate students participated in this Fall 2017 studio through the Edward J. Bloustein School …

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Using Geographic Tools to Identify Industrial and Commercial Facilities in Flood-Prone Areas2018,

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Pollution Prevention Program provided EAC with a grant …

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Risk Perceptions and Economic Development in New Jersey Coastal Communities (NJSGC)2018,

Using the outcomes from the New Jersey based science and technical advisory panel on coastal …

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NOAA Working Waterfronts2018

Water-dependent uses require sites that provide access to coastal waterways. This requirement also means that …

NJ FRAMES Guides Local Response to Coastal Hazards2018

The NJ FRAMES Project is a resiliency planning initiative in the Two Rivers region of …

Building Ecological Solutions to Coastal Community Hazards (BESCCH)2018

The BESCCH Project was managed by New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Office of Coastal …

Mid-Atlantic Regional Non-Consumptive Recreational Use Survey2018

The Mid-Atlantic Regional Planning Body (RPB) was established in 2013 through a Presidential Executive Order …

Understanding NJ’s Resilience to Storm Events Through the Use of Mobile-based LiDAR Data2018

The combination of Hurricane Irene and Superstorm Sandy over such a short period of time …

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Synthesizing Scientific Projections About Sea Level Rise, Coastal Storms and Flood Hazards in New Jersey2018

State, local and federal decision makers throughout New Jersey are working to enhance the resilience of coastal communities and resources to hazards – including flooding driven by sea-level rise and coastal storms – that are increasing as a result of climate change.

Developing a Climate Mitigation Policy Roadmap for New Jersey2018,

In partnership with the Rutgers Climate Institute, the Georgetown Climate Center and the World Resources …

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New Jersey Climate and Health Profile Report2018,

The U.S. Global Change Research Program calls climate change a “significant threat to the health …

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Updating the New Jersey Greenhouse Gas Inventory2018,

The New Jersey Global Warming Response Act (NJSA 26:2C-43) calls for the development of a …

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Building a Culture of Health2018

More and more, Americans are realizing that health and well-being are significantly influenced by social, …

Transportation and Climate Initiative2017

The Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI) is a collaborative effort among energy, environment and transportation …

Lead Safe Housing Registry Project2017

From 2008 to 2015, EAC worked with the Department of Community Affairs (DCA) to develop a …

Support for NJ Healthy Homes Program2017

From 2011 through to 2016, EAC worked with The New Jersey Department of Health and Senior …

FEMA Flood Mitigation Project2017

The degree of coordination among the municipalities and counties of the Raritan River Valley offers …

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Building Tools to Support Community-based Environmental Health Efforts2017

The National Environmental Public Health Tracking Network (EPHT) brings together health and environment data from …

Enhancing Woodbridge Through Creative Placemaking2017

Woodbridge contracted with Bloustein’s EAC Group to continue their efforts for a more sustainable community …

Communicating about flood risks to real estate market segments in Coastal New Jersey
Communicating About Flood Risks to Real Estate Market Segments in Coastal New Jersey2017

By focusing on the demand for sea level rise and coastal flood risk information, this NJ Sea Grant project aims to improve the effectiveness of scientific communication.

Green Infrastructure in the Raritan River Region2017

As part of a project by the Water Resources Program at the New Jersey Agricultural …

Coastal Vulnerability Assessments Lacey Township and Lavallette Borough, NJ2017,

This project focused on climate resiliency planning for Lacey Township and Lavallette Borough in Ocean …

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Building Resiliency in Ventnor City, NJ2017,

Through funding by the New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium as part of their 2014-16 Omnibus …

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FEMA I and II Projects2017

The FEMA New Jersey Urban Rivers Mitigation Research, Modeling and Implementation Project (often referred to …

Resilient Coastal Communities Initiative2017

After Superstorm Sandy, most New Jersey communities were struggling with their immediate recovery efforts and …

Integrating Health into Disaster and Resilience Planning2017

Health Impact Assessment (HIA) is a fast-growing practice in the U.S. that provides practitioners and …

Assessing the State of the Region’s Health2017

The Regional Plan Association is a nongovernmental urban research and advocacy organization that works to …

New Brunswick Parks Action Plan2017

In partnership with the City of New Brunswick, The Trust for Public Land (TPL) and …

Populations Vulnerable to Climate Change in New Jersey2017,

While climate change is likely to affect everyone, not all subgroups are equally affected.  Climate …

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Trenton Health and Food Systems Element
Trenton Health and Food Systems Element2017

EAC staff assisted other Bloustein researchers in the Planning Healthy Communities Initiative in developing a …

Lifelong Elizabeth
Lifelong Elizabeth2017

EAC staff and students have served as technical consultants, providing data collection, mapping and survey research to support Lifelong Elizabeth, a community-led, city endorsed initiative that aims to make Elizabeth an age-friendly community that is a healthy place to grow old.

Rutgers University Bikeshare Health Impact Assessment
Rutgers University Bikeshare Health Impact Assessment2017

EAC staff supervised a masters planning studio project that analyzed health impacts of a potential …

Heat wave
Predicting Electricity Demand and Indoor Air Quality during Heat Waves2016

A major local concern in highly urbanized regions worldwide is the effect of heat waves …

A Living Lab at Rutgers to Optimize Future Open-plan Work Spaces2016

Rutgers Living Lab, New Brunswick campus, facilitates hands-on learning about the built environment.  Installed sensor …

Smart Model for Rail Corridor Resilience: Northeast Corridor Prototype2016

If high-speed rail lines are constructed in the United States,  these are important investments need protection. This …

Risk Review of Department of Energy Environmental Cleanup for U.S. Congress2016

Congressional budget authorization language in 2014 directed the DOE to “retain a respected outside group …

Ominbus Risk Review of DOE for the U.S. Congress2015

Congressional budget authorization language in 2014 directed the DOE to “retain a respected outside group …

Supporting Secure and Resilient Inland Waterways
Supporting Secure and Resilient Inland Waterways2013

The loss of inland waterway infrastructure assets could have severe adverse societal and economic effects …

Signs and Symptoms: Pandemic Preparedness for Transit Systems
Signs and Symptoms: Pandemic Preparedness for Transit Systems2013

The transit environment, with large numbers of people in close contact with one another, can …

Crisis Communication Training for Frontline Transit Employees
Crisis Communication Training for Frontline Transit Employees2013

Successful response and recovery depend on frontline transit personnel communicating effectively within their organizations and …

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Assessment of the Vulnerability of New Jersey’s Habitat and Wildlife to Climate Change2013

Working with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Fish and Wildlife, the …

US DOE: Consortium for Building Energy Innovation (CBEI) – Formerly the Energy Efficient Buildings Hub (EEB Hub)2013

stablished by the Department on Energy in 2011, this 5-year initiative has the objective of reducing energy use in existing commercial buildings by 30% or more.

Self Sufficient Urban Buildings
NSF: Self Sufficient Urban Buildings2013

The “Self-Sufficient Urban Green Buildings” project, funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), explored both …

NJ Solar Decathlon ENJOY house
PSE&G: Energy Technology Demonstration Grant Program2011

In 2010, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey and the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) partnered to compete as Team New Jersey in the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2011 competition.

Green Building Post Occupancy Evaluations
Green Building Post Occupancy Evaluations2010

The Rutgers Center for Green Building (RCGB) has developed the Green Building Benefits and Occupant Satisfaction Survey (GB BOSS) to help green building stakeholders determine to what extent green building benefits are actually being realized and to advance understanding among the green building community about which building elements are responsible for these benefits.

NJMC Observatory & Classroom Building
NJMC Observatory & Classroom Building: Life Cycle Costing & Environmental Life Cycle Assessment2008

The Rutgers Center for Green Building was retained by the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission (NJMC) to perform a Life Cycle Costing and an Environmental Life Cycle Assessment of the Observatory & Classroom building in Lyndhurst, NJ.

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Cost-benefit Analysis of Distributed Energy Resources2008

Combined Heat and Power cost-benefit analysis on individual applications in response to funding calls by the BPU and to evaluate a potential CHP portfolio standard.