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The Environmental Analysis and Communications (EAC) Group advances strategies and approaches designed to build communities that are healthier, greener, more equitable and more resilient. EAC staff members engage in research, technical assistance to communities and decision-makers, policy analyses, and facilitation of collaborative and participatory efforts to develop and implement evidence-based strategies that inform planning, policies and decision-making at the state, regional and local levels.

Collaborations and Partnerships

Members of the EAC team support and facilitate several collaborative university-wide initiatives including:

Flooding Map

NJ Climate Change Resource Center

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New Jersey Inclusive Healthy Communities

Jersey Shore with barrier

Megapolitan Coastal Transformation Hub

Egret NJ Marsh

New Jersey Climate Change Alliance

Atlantic Highlands Boats in marina

Coastal Climate Risk and Resilience Initiative

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NAS Communities, Climate Change, and Health Equity Workshops

Raritan River and Rutgers

Rutgers Raritan River Consortium


Clint Andrews

Clint Andrews

Research Faculty

Jeanne Herb

Jeanne Herb

Executive Director

Karen Lowrie

Karen Lowrie

Associate Director

Pritpal Bamhrah

Pritpal Bamhrah

Senior Research Specialist

Janine Barr

Janine Barr

Research Specialist

Garin Bulger

Garin Bulger

Research Specialist

Zoë Linder-Baptie

Zoë Linder-Baptie

Research Project Manager

Matt Campo

Matt Campo

Coadjutant Faculty

Michael Greenberg

Michael Greenberg

Director Emeritus

Ashlyn Spector

Ashlyn Spector

Research Specialist

Vanessa Tropiano

Vanessa Tropiano

Research Project Manager

Publications and Reports

We make our publications and reports available to the public. Use the drop-down menus in the table below to find all publications by topic or specific researcher. Use specific keywords in the Search field to search for title, summary, and other fields displayed below. Use the up or down arrows to sort each column.

Stakeholder and Subject Matter Expert Feedback Regarding the Content of a New Jersey Ocean Acidification Action Plan2024,

Written for the New Jersey Coastal Management Program in the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, this report summarizes stakeholder and subject matter expert feedback regarding the potential elements and content of a New Jersey Ocean Acidification (OA) Action Plan.

ocean-acidification stakeholder-engagement
Focus Group Synthesis for Increasing Access to Nature for People with Disabilities2023, , ,

Authored by Karen Alexander, Josephine O’Grady, and Jeanne Herb, this report shares the key findings from three focus groups with people with disabilities across New Jersey from March and April 2023

disabilities focus-group recreation state-policy
Research Summary of State Policies for Increasing Access to Nature for People with Disabilities2023, ,

Authored by Josephine O’Grady and Jeanne Herb, this research summary discusses federal policies that increase public recreation access to the outdoors.

disabilities recreation state-policy
Access to Nature for People with Disabilities: Barriers, Challenges, and Opportunities2023

Authored by Garin Bulger, this white paper explores the physical and mental health benefits of outdoor recreation and nature, focusing on
those with disabilities

Leading Practices for Proactive & Equitable Property Acquisitions to Enhance Climate Resilience: A Report on Best Practices in Managed Retreat2022

Authored by Bulger, B., & Balitsos, K., this three-month research effort was conducted to better understand programs, policies, and practices associated with managed retreat acquisition programs nationwide.

Special Issue Collection: Risk Communication during Crises and Chronic Exposures2022

The project included interviews with 19 practitioners with lessons learned, as well as new empirical research and scientific background and historical pieces.

State of the Climate: New Jersey 20212022

This report by researchers summarizes the current scientific information on climate trends and projections within the state.

Middlesex County Hazard Mitigation Plan2022

The primary goal of the Hazard Mitigation Plan update is to learn from the past five years and reduce potential losses from future storm events and other natural hazards.

Advancing Shared Solutions to Intersect Climate Action and Health Equity: Opportunities for NJ to advance health equity-informed climate solutions2021,

In this report, the NJ Climate Change Alliance identifies short-term opportunities for local, regional and state actions in New Jersey.

climate-action new-jersey
Advanced Clean Truck Rule Health Impact Assessment2021, ,

The report offers a “health lens” through which to view some of the potential impacts of implementing elements of the rule and includes an emphasis on health equity.

clean-trucks dep health-impact-assessment
Englewood Health Department Resident Health Needs and Program Recommendations2021

This report summarizes the findings of three phases of research conducted as part of the Healthy Communities Network grant awarded to the City of Englewood Health Department.

HIA Training for Professionals: How a university-based center can help to build awareness and capacity2020

Authored by Lowrie, Karen W., Von Hagen, Leigh Ann. Faculty and research staff at the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy at Rutgers University assembled to foster healthy communities and bridge the gaps in connections and information-sharing between planners, public health professionals and policymakers to understand health outcomes in non-health policy and project decisions.

Communicating about Contaminated Site Cleanup using Coordinated and Consistent Metrics2020, , ,

Authored by Lowrie, K., Mayer, H. and Greenberg, M. This manuscript asks how lessons drawn from risk communication literature can inform practices for communicating metrics related to cleanup progress at U.S Department of Energy former nuclear weapon sites to different audiences.

contaminated-sites risk-analysis risk-communication usdoe
A Climate Change Risk and Resilience Assessment of New Jersey’s National Guard Facilities2020, ,

Recognizing the threats of climate change, the NJ Department of Military Affairs and Veteran Affairs engaged Rutgers University to prepare a Climate Change Risk and Resilience Assessment, identifying twelve (12) National Guard sites’ vulnerability to climate-related risks and threats.

jcnerr national-guard njdmava
Opportunities to Address Ocean Acidification Impacts in New Jersey2020, ,

The New Jersey Coastal Management Program engaged a team at Rutgers University to offer insights as to potential approaches that the CMP could undertake to initiate a focused ocean acidification effort in New Jersey.

climate-change coastal ocean-acidification
Ecological Monitoring and Mitigation Policies and Practices at Offshore Wind Installations in the United States and Europe2020, , ,

Authored by Allen, Michael C. & Campo, Matthew. This white paper informs government officials, scientists, and stakeholders in New Jersey about the current policies and monitoring methods other jurisdictions use to monitor potential ecological impacts from offshore wind installations.

monitoring njccrc offshore-wind policies
Nuclear Power, Weapons and Waste Management: A 40-year Retrospective2020, , , ,

Editors Greenberg, M., J. Burger and K. Lowrie. The aim of this virtual issue is to provide a compendium of papers that examines the range of risks and benefits of nuclear power, weapons production, waste management, and associated human dimensions of these risks and benefits to society and individuals.

edited-report greenberg lowrie nuclear-power risk
A Seat at the Table: Integrating the Needs and Challenges of Underrepresented and Socially Vulnerable Populations into Coastal Hazards Planning in New Jersey2020, , , , ,

Researchers Jeanne Herb and Lisa Auermuller report, through a NOAA national Project of Special Merit, have developed decision-support tools, resilience planning guidance, and training and policy options to advance efforts to address the needs of socially vulnerable populations as part of coastal climate resilience planning.

auermuller coastal-hazards herb njdep planning socially-vulnerable
Home Energy Efficiency and Health: Connections for Vulnerable Populations2020

Authored by Lowrie, Karen. This report summarizes some of the recent scientific literature that connects energy efficiency to health, and to present a set of insights informed by these findings.

A Seat at the Table: Integrating the Needs and Challenges of Underrepresented and Socially Vulnerable Populations into Coastal Hazards Planning in New Jersey2019, , , , ,

Authored by Herb, Jeanne, Lowrie, Karen, Auermuller, Lisa Findley, Patricia. The Rutgers team conducted more than 20 key informants and four focus group, three of which were with residents in Camden, Newark and Perth Amboy and one of which was with voluntary organizations that are active after disasters.

climate-change coastal njdep noaa resilience socially-vulnerable
The New Jersey Draft Energy Master Plan: Opportunities to Integrate Health and Health Equity2019

Authored by Lowrie, Karen W. and Leigh Ann Von Hagen. The report offers a “health lens” through which to view some of the potential impacts of implementing elements of the Energy Master Plan.

Rutgers researchers examine opportunities for state climate policies to advance equity2019, , ,

The report finds the states in an active “period of innovation”, trying pilots and new approaches to address this intersection of equity and state climate policy, from which best practices will emerge.

climate-change equity greenhouse-gas policy
Delaware River Watershed Initiative Restoration and Land Protection Practice Diffusion Survey2019, , , , , ,

This survey aims to find out if organizations that are not funded by NFWF’s DRWI program have undertaken restoration and land protection efforts in or near the DRWI cluster and Delaware River watershed boundaries.

drwi greenberg herb lowrie malone nfwf survey
Intersection of Race, Income and Environmental Factors in New Jersey: A Screening Analysis2019, , , ,

Authored by Whytlaw, Jennifer, J. Herb, and M. Greenberg. The focus of this project is on examining “upstream” or social determinants of health. The EAC team developed a screening approach to better understand disproportionate environmental burden as a potential indicator of health inequity. Additional indicators are under development.

culture-of-health greenberg herb rwjf whytlaw
Climate Change Attitudes in New Jersey2019, , , , ,

Authored by Koning, Al, C. Zukin, W. Young, K. Morgan. This report assesses New Jerseyans knowledge and feelings about climate change’s causes, its impact on the environment, how it might affect them in the future, and actions they might take to prepare for it.

climate-change eagleton jeanne-herb new-jersey njcca policy
An Overview of State Coastal Zone Management Policies Designed to Promote Coastal Resilience2019, ,

Authored by Herb, J, M. Kaplan, M. Campo, S. Kennedy, A. Wainwright, and H. Berman. Rutgers researchers report examining efforts in 15 states across the country designed to promote coastal resilience with an emphasis on sea-level rise programs and policies.

coastal-resilience coastal-zone-management njdep
Non-Consumptive Recreational Use Survey Results2019, , ,

Authored by Whytlaw, Jennifer, Kevin Hassell, Doug Simpson, Nick Meade, Kate Morrison, Jeanne Herb, Aashna Jain. The objective of this analysis was to understand non-consumptive recreational uses in the Mid- Atlantic Region and to identify specific conflicts identified by users.

herb recreation survey whytlaw
Planning for Healthy Outdoor Spaces for Older Adults2018, ,

Authored by Lowrie, K. Bell, A. Kapahi, V. Kopsco, A. Kusi, J. Kwan, M. Gonzalez, J. Henderson, I.& Schkrutz, E. The Housing Authority of Elizabeth, in conjunction with Jewish Family Services of Central NJ, requested Rutgers to provide recommendations on how to improve the outdoor spaces of J. William Farley Towers, a low-income, public-housing building for older adults in Elizabeth, NJ.

age-friendly elizabeth lifelong-elizabeth
Risk Analysis Special Issue: Preparing for, Responding to, and Recovering from Hurricane Flooding Disasters2018, , ,

This special virtual issue of Risk Analysis, prepared a year after Harvey and in the wake of Florence, offers insights on how best to anticipate, communicate, manage, mitigate, respond to, recover from, and learn from such disasters.

climate hurricane risk risk-analysis
EAC Director and Interim Dean Michael R. Greenberg publishes new book making connections between urban planning and public health2018, ,

EAC Director and Interim Dean Michael R. Greenberg publishes new book making connections between urban planning and public health.

greenberg public-health urban-planning
Woodbridge Township Creative Placemaking Plan2018, , ,

Woodbridge contracted with Bloustein to continue their efforts for a more sustainable community through the development of a creative placemaking plan.

creative-placemaking lowrie malone woodbridge
Building a Culture of Health in the City of New Brunswick2018, ,

health herb new-brunswick
Building Bridges to Better Health: A Blueprint for Action in Bound Brook and South Bound Brook2018, , ,

A Leadership Team was convened to create this Blueprint for Action to advance systematic change that will enhance overall health and wellness and health equity in the Somerset County towns of Bound Brook and South Bound Brook.

bound-brook health herb south-bound-brook
Outcomes of State Programs Trainings: Mid-Atlantic Regional Ocean Data Portal2018, , , , ,

campo coastal data herb mid-atlantic training
Developing a Data Portal to Support Regional Ocean Planning2018, , , ,

The Mid-Atlantic Ocean Data Portal is an online toolkit and resource center that consolidates available data and enables state, federal, and local users and the general public to visualize and analyze ocean resources and human use information.

campo data-portal herb ocean planning
New Brunswick Parks Strategic Action Plan2018,

This report contains park-specific recommendations for each of the 16 parks, as well as systemwide park recommendations for implementation.

new-brunswick parks
City of Perth Amboy 2nd Street Park Concept Design2017, ,

Authored by Carnegie, J., W. Hoefer, R. Alomar, S. Malone, S. Meehan, T. Sanchez. A team from Rutgers developed a concept design to convert a contaminated site into a community park that meets the needs and interests of the surrounding neighborhood residents.

community-engagement malone public-access
Climate Adaption Planning at the Jersey Shore: One Planner’s Experience2017, ,

climate coastal krause
Bloomfield Ave. Complete Corridor Health Impact Assessment2017, ,

Authored by Lowrie, K., L.A. Von Hagen and E. Sewll. The New Jersey Health Impact Collaborative at Rutgers University conducted a Health Impact Assessment with a Local Demonstration Project funded by Together North Jersey.

complete-corridor health lowrie
Mystic Island Voluntary Buyout Health Impact Assessment: Assessing Health Outcomes of Post-Sandy Decision-Making2017, ,

Authored by Lowrie, K., D. Kutner. This HIA considers the health impacts of a hypothetical buyout program scenario in Little Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey for residents of Mystic Island, a community within the township that suffered significant damage from Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

health lowrie sandy
The New Jersey Industrial Survey Project N.J.A.C.7:1F 1979-19822017,

Between 1979 and 1982, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection conducted the Industrial Survey …

herb regulatory
Pathways to State Pollution Prevention Regulatory Integration: The SPRINT Compendium2017, ,

This report presents the result of Phase I of the State Pollution Prevention Regulatory Integration Initiative (SPRINT).

herb pollution regulatory
Making Environmental Public Reporting a Foundation for Regulatory Reform2017, ,

Making Environmental Public Reporting a Foundation for Regulatory Reform, Prepared for a publication of the …

environmental herb regulatory-reform
The National Environmental Performance Partnership System: Making Good on Its Promise?2017

Beyond Experiments2017

Towards Integrated Approaches to Compliance Assurance2017,

Authored by Crow, Michael; Herb, Jeanne; Stoughton, Mark; Sullivan, Jennifer. This study examined six of EPA’s national and regional integrated compliance assurance initiatives in detail, using publicly available documents, internal documentation, and extensive interviews.

compliance herb
Electric Vehicles: Current Industry Position, Technology Issues and Available Incentives: A Growing Auto Investor Issue2017, ,

electric-vehicles herb investor
Engaging Communities in New Jersey to Apply Environmental Public Health Tracking Data2017, , , , ,

community herb lowrie rovito shaw whytlaw
Post Sandy Policy Gaps and Responses2017, , , ,

campo herb policy resilience sandy
Integrating Health into Community Design and Decision-making: Opportunities for New Jersey Municipalities2017, ,

health herb lowrie
2012 Update to New Jersey’s Statewide Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventory2017, ,

This report prepared by Michael Aucott, Ph.D., Marjorie Kaplan, Dr.P.H., and Jeanne Herb. updates New Jersey’s estimated total greenhouse gas emissions as reported in New Jersey’s Statewide Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventory.

emissions greenhouse-gas herb
An Examination of Policy Options for Achieving Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reductions in New Jersey2017, , ,

Authored by J. Herb and J. Senick. This report explores policy options for the State of New Jersey in advancing statutory limits to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. CUPR Co-authors include Jeanne Herb and Jennifer Senick.

emissions greenhouse-gas herb policy
Understanding Climate Change and Flood Risk for New Jersey’s Senior Citizens2017, , , , , ,

climate flood greenberg herb risk seniors whytlaw
Recommendations for Building Resilient Coastal Communities in New Jersey2017, , ,

To assist New Jersey communities after Superstorm Sandy with their long-term resilience efforts, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s Coastal Management Program developed the Resilient Coastal Communities Initiative.

climate coastal herb resilience
Developing Indicators for Environmental Contributions to Health2017

Working in partnership with the CHR&R team to explore approaches and methodologies for building additional indicators for health into the CHR&R platform related to health impacts associated with climate change and disproportionate community-based environmental burdens. 

The Role of Mid-Atlantic Ocean Data Portal in Supporting Ocean Planning2017, , , ,

The Mid-Atlantic Regional Council on the Ocean (MARCO) was established in 2009 to enhance the …

campo data-portal herb mid-atlantic ocean
Delays, Detours, and Diversions: Paths to Fully Executed Safe Routes to School Projects2017,

Authored by DiPetrillo, S., L.A. Von Hagen, S. Malone, S. Meehan, and G. Shivaraman. This research presented in this paper identified promising practices used by those entities that had completed their projects (and had successfully achieved their goals) despite difficulties along the way.

malone safe-routes-to-school
Supporting Secure and Resilient Inland Waterways: A Decision Framework for Evaluating Offloading Capabilities at Terminals during Sudden Catastrophic Closures2017, , , , , , , , ,

Authored by Campo, M., Mayer, H., and Rovito, J. This project seeks to develop a fundamental understanding of the resiliency of inland waterway transportation systems and the interdependence within and between transportation system components and a decision system that will allow public and private parties to respond quickly to catastrophic waterway events.

campo catastrophic decision-framework inland-waterways mayer offloading-capabilities resilient rovito terminals whytlaw
Passenger Rail Security, Planning, and Resilience: Application of Network, Plume, and Economic Simulation Models as Decision Support Tools2017, , , , , , ,

Authored by Greenberg, M. This research discusses three simulation models that can assist rail transit planners and operators to evaluate high and low probability rail-centered hazard events that could lead to serious consequences for rail-centered networks and their surrounding regions.

economic-simulation greenberg lowrie mayer rail-security resilience rovito whytlaw
Community Resilience: One Approach in New Jersey2017, , , ,

Authored by Whytlaw, J. This research discusses the development and hands-on deployment of decision-support tools for local officials and community stakeholders.

community-resilience hurricane-irene hurricane-sandy risk whytlaw
Environmental Factors and Fluctuations in Daily Crime Rates. Journal of Environmental Health2017, , ,

Authored by Mapou AEMM, Shendell DG, Ohman-Strickland P, Madrigano J, Meng Q, Whytlaw J, Miller J. Though physiological effects of exposure to airborne lead on cognitive function and crime have been discussed in literature, to date, no studies examined other outdoor or ambient air pollutants and their potential impact on reported crime.

crime-rates enviornmental-health environmental-factors whytlaw
Finding Locations for Endurably Objectionable Energy-Related Facilities: The CLAMP Policy2017, , ,

Authored by Greenberg, M.R., Coon, M., Campo, M., & Whytlaw, J. This chapter considers the challenge of finding locations for energy production and waste management facilities that society needs, but that are objectionable to many people.

campo energy-facilities greenberg whytlaw
An Examination of Policy Options for Achieving Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reductions in New Jersey2017

Authored by Pacyniak, G., N. Kaufman, J. Bradbury, A. Veysey, H. Macbeth, M. Goetz, M. Kaplan, J. Herb, J. Senick, T. Abrahamian, and K. Zyla. This report explores policy options for the State of New Jersey in advancing statutory limits to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Perth Amboy Rudyk Park2017, ,

Authored by Alomar, R., D. Nickel, S. Malone, Z. Tech-Czarny, W. Kurzenberger, T. Barracato. For this project planning and design professionals conducted research and analysis of the park, community outreach as well as prepared a final conceptual design

community-engagement malone public-access
Red Root Creek Graduate Planning Studio2017, ,

Co-taught by Sara Malone and Duke Farm’s Michael Catania, students developed a conceptual design for restoration of degraded wetlands in a working waterfront along the Raritan River on the Woodbridge/Edison townships line.

public-access raritan studio
Middlesex Greenway Access Plan Health Impact Assessment2017, , ,

The Middlesex Greenway HIA investigated the potential health impacts associated with increasing access and utilization of the Greenway and made recommendations.

greenway health lowrie middlesex
Perth Amboy 2nd Street Park2017, , ,

Authored by Carnegie, J., W. Hoefer, R. Alomar, A. Hernandez, S. Malone, S. Meehan, T. Sanchez, M. Ticker, A. Viani, L. Von Hagen. Community planning specialists and landscape architect developed a concept design to convert a contaminated site into a community park that meets the needs and interests of the surrounding neighborhood residents.

malone parks perth-amboy public-access
Rapid HIA of New Brunswick Municipal Public Access Plan2017,

Authored by Lowrie, Karen W. A Rapid HIA was conducted to consider the health impacts of the Municipal Public Access Plan developed by the City of New Brunswick, New Jersey.

lowrie new-brunswick
City of Hoboken, New Jersey Proposed Stormwater Management Plan, Health Impact Assessment (HIA)2016,

Written by Jon Carnegie and Ryan Whytlaw, this Health Impact Assessment of Hoboken, New Jersey includes a proposed stormwater management plan.

hoboken stormwater
Integrating Health Impact Assessment (HIA) Into Pre-Disaster and Resilience Planning2016, ,

This presentation from Professor James K. Mitchell looks at ways to integrate HIAs into pre-disaster and resilience planning. 

disaster-recorvery presentation resilience-policy
Making Healthier Decisions about Disaster Recovery: Opportunities for the use of Health Impact Assessments2016

This report by James K. Mitchell makes a case for how HIAs can be viewed as value-neutral decision-support tools or as advocacy instruments.

Mid-Atlantic Region Participatory GIS Workshops2016

A technique called Participatory GIS (pGIS) was deployed for mapping and collecting data on recreational use in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

Committee on Scientific Tolls and Approaches for Sustainability2014,

greenberg sustainability
Pain of Sustainability: Limiting the Number of Times Homeowners can Receive Disaster Relief2014, ,

The objective was to measure the willingness of U.S. adult residents of New Jersey, a state devastated three times by major tropical storms in 1999, 2011, and 2012.

greenberg hurricane-sandy sustainability
Keeping Surveys Valid, Reliable, and Useful: A Tutorial2014,

This tutorial focuses on how to produce reliable and generalizable data from random-digit dialing (RDD) landline and cell phone surveys. The article notes that RDD response rates have declined and explores the impact of this pronounced decline.

greenberg risk
Trust in the U.S. Department of Energy: a Post-Fukushima Rebound2014,

Data from surveys of people living within 50 miles of major U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) sites in 2010, 2011 and 2013 were analyzed to determine if the DOE regained trust lost following the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear power-plant related events in Japan in March 2011.

energy greenberg
Energy Policy and Research: The Underappreciation of Trust2014,

The paper defines trust as believing that a person(s) or organization(s) can be relied upon to accomplish objectives because they are competent and possess values and intentions that are consistent with all or part of the public.

energy greenberg
Keystone XL Spotlights History of Environmental Analysis2014,

This article aims to get a better understanding of the history and controversies surrounding one of our nation’s oldest environmental laws, NEPA and its history.

energy greenberg
The Challenges of Obtaining Credible Data for Transportation Security Modeling2014, , , ,

The Center for Transportation Safety, Security, and Risk (CTSSR) at Rutgers University, an NTSCOE institution, developed models that address multi-modal resilience of freight and transit transportation networks.

campo greenberg lowrie mayer transportation-security
Sustainability as a Priority at Major U.S. Department of Energy’s Defense Sites: Surrounding Population Views2014, , ,

People who live within 50 miles of one of four U.S. Department of Energy’s major facilities to find if the public interest in sustainability also extend to large U.S. federal agencies.

energy greenberg mayer sustainability
Economics of Risk Analysis2014,

greenberg risk
Protecting Seniors Against Environmental Disasters: From Hazards and Vulnerability to Prevention and Resilience2014, ,

This book connects the dots between the US baby boom generation and the marked increase in natural and human-caused disasters

greenberg risk seniors
Brownfields. vol. 1, p. 139, Environmental justice. vol. 2, p. 384-3852013, ,

M. Greenberg. “Brownfields.” vol. 1, p. 139, “Environmental justice.” vol. 2, p. 384-385, in L. …

brownfield environmental-justice greenberg
Turning brownfields into ballfields2013, , ,

K. Lowrie, M. Greenberg, and D. Knee. “Turning brownfields into ballfields.” New Jersey Municipalities, 79 (6), …

ballfields brownfields greenberg lowrie
Is the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency brownfield assessment pilot program environmentally just?2013, , , , ,

This study we compared the brownfields pilot cities to other communities in the United States.

assessment brownfield environmental-justice epa greenberg pilot-program
Should housing be built on former brownfield sites?2013, ,

This article discusses the a pilot program that would turn brownfield sites into new factories, businesses, and other job- and tax-creating activities.

brownfield greenberg housing
Environmental impact of reducing sprawl effects through urban redevelopment and growth controls: a case study of central New Jersey, Report 14 of National Center for Neighborhood and Brownfields Redevelopment2013, , , , , , ,

H. Mayer, M. Greenberg, R. Hordon, D. Knee, K. T. Miller, and C. Danis. “Environmental …

case-study environmental-impact greenberg growth mayer redevelopment sprawl urban
Was 1992-2000 the best of times for American urban neighborhoods?2013, ,

A survey was conducted in zoo1 in order to determine whether people believed that their home neighborhood benefited during the unprecedented economic boom of the 1990s.

greenberg neighborhoods urban
Reestablishing public health and land use planning to protect public water supplies2013, , , , , ,

This study measured the extent to which land use, design, and engineering practices could reduce contamination of major public water supplies.

greenberg land-use mayer planning public-health public-water-supplies water
Individual-oriented and neighborhood protecting health actions: The critical role of environmental education seeking behavior.2013, ,

This research tested the relationship between individual health-oriented actions and neighborhood civic activities.

environmental-education greenberg neighborhood
Are mothballed brownfields sites a major problem?2013, ,

M. Greenberg, D. Downton, and H. Mayer. “Are mothballed brownfields sites a major problem?”Public Management, …

brownfield greenberg mayer
Reversing urban decay: brownfield redevelopment and environmental health2013, , , ,

This report examines the redevelopment brownfields.

brownfield environmental-health greenberg redevelopment urban-decay

brownfields greenberg
Extreme makeovers: The challenge of the largest brownfields2013, ,

M. Greenberg. “Extreme makeovers: The challenge of the largest brownfields.” New Jersey Municipalities. Vol. 82(8), 2005, …

brownfields greenberg makeovers
Physical activity and use of suburban train stations: an exploratory analysis2013, , ,

This analysis sought to determine if recommended national standard for physical activity guidelines were being met amongst train users.

greenberg physical-activity suburban train-stations
Measuring the success of the Federal government’s brownfields program2013, ,

This report discusses and measures the success of the Federal government’s brownfields program.

brownfield greenberg measuring-success
Using a geographic information system (GIS) to help shape redevelopment of small urban centers2013, , , , , ,

This chapter is about the involvement of the National Center for Neighborhood and Brownfields Redevelopment.

geographic-information-systems gis greenberg mayer redevelopment urban urban-centers
Where does walkability matter the most? An environmental justice interpretation of New Jersey data2013, ,

This report analyzed 340 residents of New Jersey in terms of physical activity.

environmental-justice greenberg walkability
Building coalitions in support of city-wide brownfield redevelopment: the perspectives of three New Jersey mayors2013, , , ,

M. Greenberg, H. Mayer, and J. Faass. “Building coalitions in support of city-wide brownfield redevelopment: …

brownfield coalition-building greenberg mayer redevelopment
Go green for better buildings2013,

J. Sennick, J. Sherry, C. Andrews, and M. Greenberg. “Go green for better buildings.” New Jersey …

green-building greenberg
Neighborhood Stigma Twenty Year Later: Revisiting Superfund Sites in Suburban New Jersey2013, , , ,

Six Superfund hazardous waste sites in suburban New Jersey were examined for evidence of long-term …

greenberg neighborhood stigma suburban superfund
The EPA’s brownfield pilot program as a worthwhile federalist environmental innovation2013, , , , ,

This research aimed to determine why some local governments received grants very early in the process while other awardees received funding later.

brownfield environmental-innovation epa federalist greenberg pilot-program
From the ground up: growing our local capacity for brownfield redevelopment2013, , , ,

K. Crossney, K. Lowrie, H. Mayer, and M. Greenberg. “From the ground up: growing our …

brownfield greenberg lowrie mayer redevelopment
Perceived neighborhood quality in the United States: measuring outdoor, housing and jurisdictional influences2013, ,

This research found strong associations between neighborhood quality, detrimental conditions, housing quality, socioeconomic status, and age.

greenberg neighborhood-quality public-perceptions
Nuclear Waste and Public Worries: Public Perceptions of the United States Major Nuclear Weapons Legacy Sites2013, , , , ,

This research surveyed residents who lived near six U.S. Department of Energy former nuclear weapon sites to determine which risks most worried them and the predictors of their worries.

department-of-energy greenberg lowrie mayer nuclear-waste nuclear-weapons-public-perceptions
Property Taxes and Residents’ Housing Choices: A Case Study of Middlesex County, New Jersey2013, , , , ,

This report sought to determine the relative importance of property taxes, crime, physical decay, and other negative factors in resident‐declared decisions to leave their homes and neighborhoods.

case-study greenberg housing mayer middlesex-county property-tax
Understanding the economic costs and benefits of catastrophes and their aftermath: a review and suggestions for the US federal government2013, , ,

This research presnents regional economic models that can be used in preparedness planning efforts, explore critical data needs, and advocate a shared federal-state-local strategic planning effort to accomplish the objective. 

catastrophes costs-and-benefits economic greenberg
Short and intermediate economic impact of a terrorist-initiated loss of electric power: case study of New Jersey2013, , , , ,

The economic impacts of potential terrorist attacks on the New Jersey electric power system are examined using a regional econometric model.

case-study economic-impact electric-power energy greenberg terrorism
Community health and asthma intervention project: final report for Mushett Family Foundation2013, , , ,

K. Lowrie, D. Schneider, and M. Greenberg. “Community health and asthma intervention project: final report …

asthma community-health greenberg lowrie mushett-family
The theory of neighbourhood decline due to pariah land uses: regaining control of the downward cycle2013, , ,

This paper describes the theory behind the impact of pariah land uses through examples of the downward spiral experienced by Camden, New Jersey and the south Bronx, New York.

greenberg land-use lowrie neighbourhood
Measuring Brownfield Success in New Jersey: How Data Increases Our Competitive Edge2013, , , ,

Shaw, Judith Auer, Henry Mayer and Michael Greenberg. “Measuring Brownfield Success in New Jersey: How …

brownfield data greenberg mayer shaw
Industrial Decline and the Opportunities and Challenges of Brownfield Redevelopment2013, , , , , ,

The intent of the report is to our intent is to highlight the legacy of hundreds of thousands brownfield sites from the era when the United States was the world’s industrial powerhouse.

brownfield greenberg industry lowrie mayer redevelopment shaw
Potential Application of Renewable Energy on Brownfield Sites A Case Study of Michigan2013, ,

This study investigates the application of renewable energy production on brownfield sites using Michigan as a case study.

brownfield eneergy shaw
Measuring Redevelopment Benefits: The Search for Data2013, , , ,

Shaw, Judith Auer, Michael Greenberg, and Henry J. Mayer. “Measuring Redevelopment Benefits: The Search for …

brownfield data greenberg mayer redevelopment
Allocating U.S. Department of Homeland Security Funds to States with Explicit Equity, Population and Energy Facility Security Criteria2013, , ,

The purpose of this paper is to describe and illustrate a linear programming model developed to allocate anti-terrorism funds to states in the United States using the location of electrical-generating capacity to represent the need for security funds.

energy funds greenberg homeland-security
Regional stakeholder meeting for New Jersey-New York-Philadelphia corridor, National Transportation Security Center of Excellence2013, ,

C. Kozub and M. Greenberg, Regional stakeholder meeting for New Jersey-New York-Philadelphia corridor, National Transportation Security …

greenberg stakeholder transportation-security
Perchlorate exposure and lactating women in an urban community in New Jersey2013, , , ,

M. Borjan, S. Marcella, B. Blount, M. Greenberg, J. Zhang, E. Murphy, L. Valentin-Blasini, and …

lactating perchlorate risk urban women
Food Pantries, Poverty, and Social Justice2013, , ,

The authors advocate for a larger government role in assuring household food security.

food-pantries greenberg poverty social-justice
Energy Parks for Former Nuclear Weapons Sites? Public Preferences at Six Regional Locations and the United States as a Whole2013, ,

This paper is about a proposal by the US Department of Energy (DOE) to create energy parks at some of its former nuclear weapons and waste management facilities.

energy greenberg nuclear-weapons
Right Answers and Right-Wrong Answers: Sources of Information Influencing Knowledge of Nuclear-Related Information2013, , , ,

The objectives of this paper are to examine public knowledge of certain facts about nuclear energy and waste management, and to assess the correlates of that knowledge.

department-of-energy doe greenberg information nuclear
Voices from the Past: Prescription for a Planet: the Ninth Bronfman Lecture2013, ,

This publication presents Russell E. Train’s “Prescription for a Planet: The Ninth Bronfman Lecture”.

bronfman greenberg lecture
Neighborhood (pp. 1998-2002), Carcinogens (pp. 335-337), Risk Analysis and Assessment (pp. 2466-240)2013, , ,

M. Greenberg, Neighborhood (pp. 1998-2002), Carcinogens (pp. 335-337), Risk Analysis and Assessment (pp. 2466-240), in …

carcinogens greenberg neighborhood risk
Media, Local Stakeholders, and Alternatives for Nuclear Waste and Energy Facilities2013, , ,

This chapter discusses the influence of media stories on public perceptions about hazards and risks, and then presents results of a recent content analysis of ­stories about proposed new or expanded projects at existing nuclear power or waste sites.

energy greenberg lowrie nuclear-waste
A Set of Blended Risk-Based Decision Support Tools for Protecting Passenger Rail-Centered Transit Corridors Against Cascading Impacts of Terrorist Attack DHS2013, , , , , ,

M. Greenberg, T. Altiok, N. Fefferman, P. Georgopoulos, C. Lacy, M. Lahr, P. Lioy, K. …

greenberg lowrie mayer rail risk terrorism transit
Defending a moving target: H1N1 preparedness training for the transit industry2013, , ,

This research presents recommendations to stem the spread of the novel H1N1 virus and combined the most current public health data with best practices gleaned from some of the nation’s largest transit agencies, in a just-in-time format.

greenberg h1n1 lowrie transit
Risk-Based Decision Support Tools: Protecting Rail-Centered Transit Corridors from Cascading Effects2013, , , , ,

This report considers the value of decision support tools for passenger rail system managers.

greenberg lowrie mayer rail risk transit
Energy Choices and Perceived Risks: Is it just global warming and fear of a nuclear power plant accident?2013, , , ,

A survey of 3,200 U.S. residents focused the association between risk beliefs and preferences for coal and nuclear energy

climate global-warming greenberg nuclear risk
Time to worry: whither risk analysis and the compression of government funding in the United States?2013, ,

M. Greenberg. Time to worry: whither risk analysis and the compression of government funding in …

funding greenberg risk
Public preferences for environmental management practices at DOE’s nuclear waste sites.2013, , ,

The authors summarize factors that lead to the public preferences and discuss five population types encountered at these and perhaps other waste management sites

environmental-management greenberg mayer nuclear-waste
Building Capacity for Community-Based Brownfields Remediation and Redevelopment: An Innovative Technical Assistance Model2013, , , , ,

This article describes the process of development and the program’s content and structure and evaluates the program based on a pilot test conducted with two CDCs in a major US city.

brownfield lowrie model redevelopment remediation technical-assistance
Preferences for government investment in energy programs: Support for new energy production vs. energy conservation2013, , , ,

This study investigated preferences for government investment in new energy production relative to energy conservation and the variables that influence these preferences among members of the general public and those who live near nuclear and/or coal energy facilities.

conservation energy government-investment greenberg production
Local Stakeholders and Alternatives for Nuclear Waste and Energy Facilities2013, , , , ,

K. Lowrie, A. Kennedy, J. Hubert, and M. Greenberg, Media, Local Stakeholders and Alternatives for …

energy environmental-issues greenberg lowrie nuclear-waste stakeholders
Predictable differences and opportunities to narrow them in J. Burger, ed., Stakeholders and Scientists: Achieving Implementable Solutions to Energy and Environmental Issues2013, , ,

M. Greenberg and L. Babcock-Dunning. Communication between the public and experts: Predictable differences and opportunities …

communication energy environmental-issues greenberg
The Environmental Impact Statement After Two Generations: Managing Environmental Power2013,

This book is about a subject that Michael Greenberg has worked on and lived with for almost forty years.

environmental-impact-statemen greenberg
Perchlorate exposure and lactating women in an urban community in New Jersey2013, , , , ,

This study measured perchlorate in breast milk, urine, and drinking water collected from 106 lactating mothers from Central New Jersey.

greenberg lactating perchlorate risk urban women
Improving Resilience in Rail Transit Corridors: Developing Models for Estimating the Impacts of System Disruptions2013, , , , , ,

This article describes simulation models which will offer insights into events that can cause cascading impacts in rail and connected transportation systems.

greenberg lowrie mayer model rail resilience transit
Assessment of Surface Transportation Security Training Needs and Delivery Preferences2013, , , ,

This study assessed the needs for additional security training through focus groups and interviews with representatives of major surface transportation stakeholders and agencies.

greenberg lowrie security training transportation
Are LULUs Still Enduringly Objectionable?2013,

This research surveyed US residents about the feelings, emotions, images and colors they associated with locally unwanted land uses (LULUs).

greenberg land-use
The Senior Elderly, Environmental Risks, and Generation Gaps2013, ,

Thus research examined environmental risk perceptions of Americans 75+ years old compared to their younger counterparts.

greenberg risk seniors
Global Availability of Water, The Praeger Handbook of Environmental Health2013,

This comprehensive set of environmental health articles serves to clarify our impending challenges as well as opportunities for health and wellness.

greenberg water
The affect heuristic, correspondence analysis, and understanding LULUs2013, , ,

The author comments on the study “Affective Imagery and Acceptance of Replacing Nuclear Power Plants,” by C. Keller and colleagues.

greenberg land-use lulu risk
Worrying about Terrorism and Other Acute Environmental Health Hazard Events2013, , ,

This research sought to better understand why some people worry more about terrorism compared with others.

environmental-health greenberg risk terrorism
Sanitation and Public Health: A Heritage to Remember and Continue2013, ,

The author reflects on a lack of proper sanitation and lack of access to clean drinking water which exist in 2012 in many countries across the globe outside of the U.S.

greenberg public-health sanitation
Increasing the capacity of community development corporations for brownfield redevelopment: an inside-out approach.2013,

This paper argues that in order to promote just redevelopment that encourages participation and targets weak market sites, a community-based approach to brownfield redevelopment should be encouraged

brownfield lowrie
Ten Most Important Accomplishments in Risk Analysis2013, ,

The article discusses the 10 most important accomplishments in risk analysis for the period 1980-2010.

greenberg lowrie risk
Public Support for Policies to Reduce Risk after Hurricane Sandy2012, , , ,

The objective of this study was to estimate public support for restricting land uses in flood zones, requiring housing to be built to resist storm waters, and otherwise increasing mitigation and resilience.

greenberg herb hurricane risk sandy
Building Capacity: Brownfields Redevelopment for Community-Based Organizations2008

This program handbook is intended for use by government, nonprofit or academic organizations and agencies that want to work with community-based organizations, building their capacities to become active players in brownfields redevelopment.

The Arts Community, Arts Village Development and Promotion of Arts in Woodbridge Township2007, ,

This report is the product of a study performed by the National Center for Neighborhood and Brownfields Redevelopment for the Woodbridge Township Redevelopment Agency during the summer of 2007.

arts arts-village woodbridge-township
Elements and test of a theory of neighborhood civic participation2001, ,

A theory of neighborhood civic activity is proposed, and a telephone sample of residents of the Philadelphia metropolitan region gathered for the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press was used to test the theory.

civic-participation greenberg neighborhood
Coming back from economic despair: case studies of small and medium-size American places2001, , ,

The authors examined 34 small and medium-size communities that experienced long periods of economic prosperity built around a major industry or company and that then suffered economic declines when those industries substantially reduced their workforces and in some instances closed.

case-study economic-despair greenberg mayer
Brownfield redevelopment as a smart growth option in the United States2001, , , , ,

An evaluation is made of brownfields redevelopment as a smart growth policy compared to purchase of land, restrictive growth policies, changing transportation patterns, promoting compact development designs on the metropolitan fringe, and regional government.

brownfield greenberg lowrie mayer redevelopment smart-growth
Environmental impact of reducing sprawl effects through urban redevelopment and growth controls. A case study of Central New Jersey2001, , , , , ,

M. Greenberg, H. Mayer, K.T. Miller, R. Hordon, and D. Knee. “Environmental impact of reducing …

case-study environmental-impact greenberg mayer redevelopment sprawl urban
Brownfield redevelopment fights sprawl2001, , , , ,

K.T. Miller, M. Greenberg, K. Lowrie, and H. Mayer. “Brownfield redevelopment fights sprawl.” New Jersey Municipalities. …

brownfield greenberg lowrie mayer redevelopment sprawl
Surveying the land: brownfields in medium-sized and small communities2001, , , , ,

The authors investigated nine communities in NJ to determine the status of these communities’ brownfields programs, including the localities’ knowledge of brownfields sites, their plans for the sites, and the likelihood that the sites would be redeveloped during the next five years.

brownfields communities greenberg lowrie mayer survey
Brownfields redevelopment, preferences, and public involvement: a case study of an ethnically mixed neighborhood2000, , ,

This research was conducted in order to identify preferences for brownfield redevelopment and the extent to which residents want to participate in the redevelopment process.

brownfield case-study greenberg redevelopment
Grassroots leadership, personality, and neighborhood environments, a case study of New Jersey2000, , , , ,

A survey was conducted of 35 neighborhood leaders and 250 other respondents who chose them to determine how they perceived their neighborhood environments.

case-study grassroots greenberg leadership neighborhood-environments personality
Brownfields focus makes idle urban sites an investment opportunity2000, , ,

M. Greenberg. “Brownfields focus makes idle urban sites an investment opportunity.” NJPRO, September …

brownfields greenberg investment urban
Balancing apples and oranges: factors to consider in brownfields remediation2000,

M. Greenberg. “Balancing apples and oranges: factors to consider in brownfields remediation.” pp. 115-123, in NACCHO, …

brownfields greenberg
Secular and faith-based organizations as reliable information sources for residents of environmentally stressed neighborhoods2000, , , , ,

A sample of residents of Accra, Ghana, and residents of the state of New Jersey, stratified by type of neighborhood was gathered in order to determine the sources of information residents rely on for accurate information about their neighbourhoods.

environmentally-stressed faith-based-organizations greenberg information-sources neighborhoods secular
Brownfields, TOADS, and the struggle for neighborhood redevelopment: a case study of the State of New Jersey2000, , , , , ,

A survey was made of all municipalities in the state of New Jersey (N = 566) to determine how many had brownfields sites that caused property devaluation and land-use changes beyond the site boundaries

brownfields case-study greenberg lowrie neighborhood redevelopment toads
Internet technology as an aid in brownfields redevelopment2000, , , , , ,

This research presents Internet technology as an aid in brownfields redevelopment.

brownfield greenberg internet lowrie mayer redevelopment technology
Improving neighborhood quality: a hierarchy of needs1999,

A sample of residents of New Jersey stratified by type of neighborhood was gathered in order to measure the association of residents’ ratings of neighborhood quality with neighborhood attributes and residents’ characteristics

greenberg neighborhood-quality

Our Projects

Use the database below to search and sort through our current and past projects.

Nature-based solutions
NJ Nature-Based Solutions Guidance2024

This project aims to develop the NJ Nature-Based Solutions Reference Document: a research-based and user-friendly resource for municipalities, planners, decision-makers, and others to turn to that summarizes the benefits and limitations of NBS based on the environment type, hazard, and planning horizon.

Access to Nature for People with Disabilities
Access to Nature for People with Disabilities2023

A statewide initiative focused on expanding access for people with disabilities to nature and outdoor recreation. 

disabilities duke-farms new-jersey-division-of-disability-services pinelands-preservation-alliance
Better Buyouts: Opportunities and Challenges to Enhance Strategic Climate Resilience in New Jersey through Purchase of Flood Prone Properties
Better Buyouts: Opportunities and Challenges to Enhance Strategic Climate Resilience in New Jersey through Purchase of Flood Prone Properties2023

This report provides insight into current buyout practices and impacts in New Jersey, including successes, challenges, and the barriers or facilitators to better coordination, planning, and outreach to accomplish buyout goals.

Climate Change hazard planning
Integrating Health and Hazards Planning: Somerset County2023

This research project hopes to document replicable elements of the initiative, as well as contribute to broader knowledge regarding policies, programs, and strategies to address disproportionate impacts of climate change-related hazards on the health of disadvantaged communities

climate-change disadvantaged-communities public-health
New Jersey Watershed Restoration and Adaptation Planning2023

Working collaboratively with the NJ Department of Environmental Protection to develop and improve data and tools to support statewide watershed planning and programs.

njdep water-quality watershed
Municipal Environmental Justice Action Plans
Web-based Guidance for Municipal Environmental Justice Action Plans2023

The guidance is designed to provide municipalities with background, methods and strategies that can be used to develop municipal Environmental Justice Action Plans.

New Jersey Priority Climate Action Plan
Support of New Jersey Priority Climate Action Plan2023

Through its support of the New Jersey Climate Change Resource Center, EAC staff provided support …

Hazard Mitigation Planning
2024 NJ State Hazard Mitigation Plan Update: Local Planning Guidance Best Practices2022

The new local guidance and data will be piloted with four New Jersey FEMA Community Disaster Resilience Zones (CDRZ) municipalities later in 2024.

fema hazard-mitigation
Planting a seedling
Advancing U.S. Adoption of Innovative Strategies to Intersect Health and Equity with Climate Change Action2022

The project will identify and translate “bright spots” of efforts outside the US that fundamentally intersect equity, climate change and health goals and outcomes to advance transformative policy, systems and environmental change.

NJ Public Health Infrastructure2021

The objective of this project is to collect, analyze, assimilate, frame, and communicate key issues that will compel the advancement of meaningful and systematic change in the state’s public health infrastructure and capacity.

Rutgers 2030 Master Plan - studio
Rutgers 2030 Master Plan Public Access Planning Studio2018

Seven graduate students participated in this Fall 2017 studio through the Edward J. Bloustein School …

multi-modal-bridge public-access raritan walkway
Using Geographic Tools to Identify Industrial and Commercial Facilities in Flood-Prone Areas2018

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Pollution Prevention Program provided EAC with a grant …

campo climate herb jeanne-herb matt-campo whytlaw
Risk Perceptions and Economic Development in New Jersey Coastal Communities (NJSGC)2018

Using the outcomes from the New Jersey based science and technical advisory panel on coastal …

campo coastal coastal-hazards economic-development matt-campo njsgc risk-perceptions
NOAA Working Waterfronts2018

Water-dependent uses require sites that provide access to coastal waterways. This requirement also means that …

campo coastal matt-campo noaa resilience
NJ FRAMES Guides Local Response to Coastal Hazards2018

The NJ FRAMES Project is a resiliency planning initiative in the Two Rivers region of …

campo coastal-hazards matt-campo monmouth nj-frames njdep resilience
Building Ecological Solutions to Coastal Community Hazards (BESCCH)2018

The BESCCH Project was managed by New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Office of Coastal …

bescch coastal coastal-resilience krause nfwf njdep sandy
Mid-Atlantic Regional Non-Consumptive Recreational Use Survey2018

The Mid-Atlantic Regional Planning Body (RPB) was established in 2013 through a Presidential Executive Order …

marpb ocean-policy whytlaw
Understanding NJ’s Resilience to Storm Events Through the Use of Mobile-based LiDAR Data2018

The combination of Hurricane Irene and Superstorm Sandy over such a short period of time …

sea level and reeds at beach
Synthesizing Scientific Projections About Sea Level Rise, Coastal Storms and Flood Hazards in New Jersey2018

State, local and federal decision makers throughout New Jersey are working to enhance the resilience of coastal communities and resources to hazards – including flooding driven by sea-level rise and coastal storms – that are increasing as a result of climate change.

Developing a Climate Mitigation Policy Roadmap for New Jersey2018

In partnership with the Rutgers Climate Institute, the Georgetown Climate Center and the World Resources …

New Jersey Climate and Health Profile Report2018

The U.S. Global Change Research Program calls climate change a “significant threat to the health …

Updating the New Jersey Greenhouse Gas Inventory2018

The New Jersey Global Warming Response Act (NJSA 26:2C-43) calls for the development of a …

greenhouse-gas jeanne-herb
Building a Culture of Health2018

More and more, Americans are realizing that health and well-being are significantly influenced by social, …

bound-brook culture-of-health health-in-all-policies herb jeanne-herb new-brunswick rwjf south-bound-brook
Transportation and Climate Initiative2017

The Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI) is a collaborative effort among energy, environment and transportation …

climate-change transportation
Lead Safe Housing Registry Project2017

From 2008 to 2015, EAC worked with the Department of Community Affairs (DCA) to develop a …

Support for NJ Healthy Homes Program2017

From 2011 through to 2016, EAC worked with The New Jersey Department of Health and Senior …

doh healthy-homes-initiative malone whytlaw
FEMA Flood Mitigation Project2017

The degree of coordination among the municipalities and counties of the Raritan River Valley offers …

flood raritan
child smoke stack
Building Tools to Support Community-based Environmental Health Efforts2017

The National Environmental Public Health Tracking Network (EPHT) brings together health and environment data from …

Enhancing Woodbridge Through Creative Placemaking2017

Woodbridge contracted with Bloustein’s EAC Group to continue their efforts for a more sustainable community …

Green Infrastructure in the Raritan River Region2017

As part of a project by the Water Resources Program at the New Jersey Agricultural …

green-infrastructure krause resilience
Coastal Vulnerability Assessments Lacey Township and Lavallette Borough, NJ2017

This project focused on climate resiliency planning for Lacey Township and Lavallette Borough in Ocean …

coastal czm krause lacey lavallette
Building Resiliency in Ventnor City, NJ2017

Through funding by the New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium as part of their 2014-16 Omnibus …

FEMA I and II Projects2017

The FEMA New Jersey Urban Rivers Mitigation Research, Modeling and Implementation Project (often referred to …

Resilient Coastal Communities Initiative2017

After Superstorm Sandy, most New Jersey communities were struggling with their immediate recovery efforts and …

coastal-resilience jeanne-herb
Integrating Health into Disaster and Resilience Planning2017

Health Impact Assessment (HIA) is a fast-growing practice in the U.S. that provides practitioners and …

Assessing the State of the Region’s Health2017

The Regional Plan Association is a nongovernmental urban research and advocacy organization that works to …

New Brunswick Parks Action Plan2017

In partnership with the City of New Brunswick, The Trust for Public Land (TPL) and …

Populations Vulnerable to Climate Change in New Jersey2017

While climate change is likely to affect everyone, not all subgroups are equally affected.  Climate …

Trenton Health and Food Systems Element
Trenton Health and Food Systems Element2017

EAC staff assisted other Bloustein researchers in the Planning Healthy Communities Initiative in developing a …

health healthy-food karen-lowrie lowrie trenton250
Lifelong Elizabeth
Lifelong Elizabeth2017

EAC staff and students have served as technical consultants, providing data collection, mapping and survey research to support Lifelong Elizabeth, a community-led, city endorsed initiative that aims to make Elizabeth an age-friendly community that is a healthy place to grow old.

age-friendly elizabeth
Rutgers University Bikeshare Health Impact Assessment
Rutgers University Bikeshare Health Impact Assessment2017

EAC staff supervised a masters planning studio project that analyzed health impacts of a potential …

bikeshare health-impacts karen-lowrie lowrie studio
Smart Model for Rail Corridor Resilience: Northeast Corridor Prototype2016

If high-speed rail lines are constructed in the United States,  these are important investments need protection. This …

dhs greenberg karen-lowrie lowrie michael-greenberg ntsce rail resilience
Risk Review of Department of Energy Environmental Cleanup for U.S. Congress2016

Congressional budget authorization language in 2014 directed the DOE to “retain a respected outside group …

doe energy greenberg michael-greenberg
Ominbus Risk Review of DOE for the U.S. Congress2015

Congressional budget authorization language in 2014 directed the DOE to “retain a respected outside group …

Supporting Secure and Resilient Inland Waterways
Supporting Secure and Resilient Inland Waterways2013

The loss of inland waterway infrastructure assets could have severe adverse societal and economic effects …

Signs and Symptoms: Pandemic Preparedness for Transit Systems
Signs and Symptoms: Pandemic Preparedness for Transit Systems2013

The transit environment, with large numbers of people in close contact with one another, can …

Crisis Communication Training for Frontline Transit Employees
Crisis Communication Training for Frontline Transit Employees2013

Successful response and recovery depend on frontline transit personnel communicating effectively within their organizations and …

Otter with fish
Assessment of the Vulnerability of New Jersey’s Habitat and Wildlife to Climate Change2013

Working with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Fish and Wildlife, the …