IHC Workshop on Principles and Practices of Creating Accessible Content

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A workshop focused on making your websites, blogs and print media accessible for all audiences.

Friday, May 21, 2021, 12:00on to 2:00pm EST

Presented by Natalia Kouraeva of Rutgers Teaching and Leaning with Technology (TLT), Office of Instructional Design, our third workshop in May will focus on making your websites, blogs and print media accessible for all audiences.

This workshop has an expanded format with time for you to practice using the tools and resources presented.

Natalia Kouraeva serves as Instructional Designer at Teaching and Learning with Technology (TLT) at Rutgers University. Dr. Kouraeva is supporting Rutgers faculty in creating effective learning environments by integrating pedagogy principles and technology tools to meet diverse learning needs of students. Dr. Kouraeva previously served as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Special Education in four-year college, a course instructor in community college, and as special education teacher in K-12. She has been preparing future educators and teaching students with special learning needs for many years. Dr. Kouraeva holds a B.S. and a M. Ed. from Moscow Pedagogical University in Russia and an Ed. D. from Rutgers University. Dr. Kouraeva values diversity and believes in the power of quality education for all. She is committed to pushing the limits and making positive change in lives of all people.

We regret that the ASL Interpreters were inadvertently excluded from the recording.

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