New Jersey 2040 Water Demand Study for Public Community Water Supply Systems

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A new study by Dr. Dan Van Abs provides a variety of water demand scenarios for New Jersey’s 584 Public Community Water Supply (PCWS) systems, targeting the year 2040, including, of course, those utilities operating within and dependent upon the Raritan Basin.  The study includes an assessment of how changes in population trends could alter demands, with the key finding that the rates of foreign immigration are most variable and therefore have the largest potential for changing water demands.  Issues of residential demands, water losses, and uncertainties in commercial and especially industrial demands are addressed.  Current per capita residential demands (by housing density and region, with annual and seasonal rates) were evaluated using multi-year, monthly household data representing approximately 3.6 million people.  The upshot is that New Jersey could actually demand less water for PCWS systems in 2040 if residential per capita demands continue to decline, and water losses are reduced aggressively.  The report is available from