Start Year: 2018

Updating the New Jersey Greenhouse Gas Inventory

The New Jersey Global Warming Response Act (NJSA 26:2C-43) calls for the development of a biennial update to the statewide inventory of sources of greenhouse gas emissions.  In partnership with the Rutgers Climate Institute, EAC joined in the development of an update of the statewide inventory which includes estimating progress towards achieving the State’s statutory 2020 and 2050 greenhouse gas limits.  The 2020 limit is a quantity equal to the 1990 emissions total (baseline), which has been estimated to be 125.6 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (MMTCO2e)2 and the 2050 limit is a quantity 80 percent less than the 2006 emissions. The 2006 emission has been estimated to be 127.0 MMTCO2e, so the 2050 limit is 25.4 MMTCO2e.

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