Tarun Reddy Arasu

Tarun Reddy Arasu

BPU Energy Fellow

Tarun Reddy Arasu pursues a dual Master’s degree in Public Policy and Public Informatics (MPP/MPI) at Rutgers University’s Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy. His academic journey is underscored by a transition from electronics and instrumentation engineering at BITS Pilani, India to public policy, driven by a desire to impact society positively through evidence-based policy making.

As a BPU Energy Fellow at the Rutgers Center for Urban Policy Research, Tarun focuses on Energy Economics , Analytics and Modeling, showcasing his commitment to addressing energy challenges through innovative solutions. He currently works on a multitude of BPU projects that are pivotal in advancing New Jersey’s energy sustainability goalss such as infrastructure needs assessment & estimation of health damages using Generation Expansion Planning (GEP) models, evaluation of the Local Government Energy
Audit Program, and the LED Street Lights Conversion project. His work with GEP models significantly contributes to optimizing strategic energy investments, ensuring New Jersey’s path towards a sustainable and efficient energy future.

He also worked as a sustainability intern with the borough of Highland Park being instrumental in drafting the Community Energy Plan, a project that involves strategic planning, analysis, and the integration of renewable energy solutions, aiming to steer Highland Park towards a sustainable and energy efficient future.

Tarun’s aspirations include deepening his understanding of energy economics, potentially pursuing a Ph.D. to contribute to developing sustainable energy models. His ambition is to influence policy and drive innovation in the energy sector, blending analytics with actionable insights to promote sustainable and equitable energy practices.