Gedi Mainelis

Gediminas “Gedi” Mainelis

Gediminas “Gedi” Mainelis, PhD, is a Professor at the Department of Environmental Sciences, Rutgers University. He has Ph.D. in Environmental Health from the University of Cincinnati, Ohio. Dr. Mainelis’ research has focused on various aspects of health-related aerosols, including development of novel bioaerosol collectors; analysis of factors affecting bioaerosol sampling, analysis and control; and integration of bioaerosol sampling with modern microbiological analysis techniques. In the past few years, Dr. Mainelis has expanded his research into nanoparticle exposure assessment, airborne delivery of anti-cancer drugs, indoor air quality in green buildings and use of robotic surrogates for exposure assessment. Dr. Mainelis is a recipient of CDC/NIOSH Career Award, Twinning Fellowship from the National Academy of Sciences, and Research Excellence Award from the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences of Rutgers University. He is currently serving as Chair of the Health-related Aerosols Working Group of the American Association for Aerosol Research.

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