Urban Planning and Public Health A Critical Partnership American Public Health Association
Start Year: 2018

EAC Director and Interim Dean Michael R. Greenberg publishes new book making connections between urban planning and public health

Michael R. Greenberg wears many hats at the Bloustein School. Besides serving as Interim Dean, Dr. Greenberg is a Distinguished Professor and Director of the Environmental Analysis and Communications Group. Along with co-author Bloustein Associate Dean and Professor Dona Schneider Ph.D., MPH, Professor Greenberg’s latest book, Urban Planning & Public Health: A Critical Partnership, was published by the American Public Health Association Press in 2017. The book provides an in-depth summary of the historic connections between the fields of public health and urban planning beginning in the Industrial Revolution. It also draws the connections between urban planning and public health through practical and understandable case examples and outlines critical challenges to integrate science, policy and politics to further the health of communities across the U.S. Dr. Greenberg has studied environmental policy and environmental health at Rutgers for more than four decades.

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