Finding Locations for Endurably Objectionable Energy-Related Facilities
Start Year: 2017

Finding Locations for Endurably Objectionable Energy-Related Facilities: The CLAMP Policy

This chapter considers the challenge of finding locations for energy production and waste management facilities that society needs, but that are objectionable to many people. It aims to expand that research by addressing two questions: Is the concentrating locations at major plants (CLAMP) policy really a product of the last few decades, or has it existed for a far longer period of time? What kinds of electrical energy production facilities does it apply to? and What is the reaction of people living near sites where nuclear defense waste is already stored to the idea of storing nuclear waste from commercial nuclear power plants in area, that is, applying CLAMP to nuclear waste management? The chapter focused on one key element of the nuclear power issue: longterm storage and maintenance of spent nuclear fuel, which is increasingly seen as a major constraint.

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