Development of Local Government Resilient Microgrids
Publication Year: 2021

Development of Local Government Resilient Microgrids


Marc H. Pfeiffer, MPA, Author and Principal Investigator Bloustein Local Government Research Center, Rutgers University; and Center for Building Knowledge, New Jersey Institute of Technology, July 2021. Development of Local Government Resilient Microgrids Prepared for the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities with support from the U.S. Department of Energy

Also referred to as “community” or “town center” microgrids, local government microgrids are defined as “microgrids developed in downtown areas of communities that deliver power to a physically non-contiguous group of critical facilities, often involving multiple distributed energy resources and crossing multiple public rights of way.” The Final Report of findings was written by Marc Pfeiffer of the Bloustein Center for Local Government Research with support from the NJIT Center for Building Knowledge. The multi-year research project – focused on procuring and financing local government microgrids – was undertaken by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities with financial support from the United States Department of Energy.  The Report complements and extends the information presented in the Fact Sheets + Webinars section of Over the course of the project, an online Survey was developed and administered to learn details about local government projects generally and procurement and financing specifically. Results are discussed in the Final Report. A copy of the Survey questions can be found here.

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