Hazard Mitigation Plan
Start Year: 2022

Middlesex County Hazard Mitigation Plan

The Middlesex County Board of County Commissioners and each Municipality in the County adopted the All-Hazards Mitigation Plan in the original plan on January 14, 2011. This updated plan was approved in 2022 and allows each participating municipality to qualify for mitigation grant programs. The County is continually leading an effort to update this plan, in accordance with state and federal standards 44 CFR 201.6.d.3.

The primary goal of the Hazard Mitigation Plan update is to learn from the past five years and reduce potential losses from future storm events and other natural hazards. As part of the update process, county staff from various departments, municipalities, and stakeholders in the community will work together to identify risks, quantify those risks, assess existing County and Municipal capabilities, and create a strategy and actions to reduce vulnerability.

The Environmental Analysis & Communications group completed the update of Middlesex County’s Hazard Mitigation Plan, including significant input from municipal officials and other community “lifeline” stakeholders, along with municipal vulnerability analyses. The plan, approved in 2022, identified and quantified risks, assessed existing County and Municipal capabilities, and created a strategy and actions to reduce vulnerability.