Mystic Island Voluntary Buyout Health Impact Assessment
Start Year: 2017

Mystic Island Voluntary Buyout Health Impact Assessment: Assessing Health Outcomes of Post-Sandy Decision-Making

A Health Impact Assessment (HIA) provides decision-makers with an opportunity to understand the impacts of decisions on affected communities, and to consider recommendations for how the proposed activities and changes can best support public health, health equity, and environmental justice. Health Impact Assessment follows a six-step method (screening, scoping, assessment, recommendations, reporting, moni- toring/evaluation) that results in a set of ground- ed recommendations intended to maximize positive health aspects and minimize negative impacts to health. This HIA considers the health impacts of a hypothetical buyout program scenario in Little Egg Harbor Township (LEHT), New Jersey for residents of Mystic Island, a community within the township that suffered significant damage from Hurricane Sandy in 2012. The decision point for this HIA is whether Little Egg Harbor Township should support homeowners in the Mystic Island neighborhood who wish to apply for voluntary buyouts.

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