NJ Multifamily Baseline Study
Publication Year: 2019

NJ Multifamily Baseline Study


ADM Associates, NJ Multifamily Baseline Study. (September 2019). Report prepared for the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities, New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Programs.

In coordination with Rutgers Center for Green Building (RCGB), ADM Associates, Inc. (ADM) conducted a baseline study of multifamily properties in New Jersey (hereby referred to as the Multifamily Baseline Study) in 2018. The study was funded by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities, through the Division of Clean Energy.

Through the study, data was collected for a sample of multifamily properties in New Jersey that can be used to establish a baseline profile of building characteristics and appliance types in the multifamily market segment. Included in the baseline profile is information on the saturations of energy-consuming equipment (electric, natural gas, and other fuels), the saturation of energy efficient equipment, building characteristics, and energy management practices. The study also collects customer household and demographic information that can be used to segment markets of interest to determine how appliance saturations and building characteristics differ by those markets of interest. The baseline profile will inform program planning and design and provide data and market insights to help advance the New Jersey Energy Master Plan and the goals of New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program. This study also provides support for the development energy efficiency programming for multifamily homes in New Jersey.