Non-Consumptive Recreational Use Survey Results
Publication Year: 2019

Non-Consumptive Recreational Use Survey Results


Whytlaw, Jennifer, Kevin Hassell, Doug Simpson, Nick Meade, Kate Morrison, Jeanne Herb, Aashna Jain.  “Non-Consumptive Recreational Use Survey Results“.  New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Trenton, NJ. 2019.

The objective of this analysis was to understand non-consumptive recreational uses in the Mid- Atlantic Region and to identify specific conflicts identified by users as well as to highlight topics of interest to the same groups. The Mid-Atlantic Region includes New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia. A survey was released on July 5, 2017 and ran for nine weeks until September 5, 2017. The survey asked participants about their participation in non- consumptive recreational uses as well as their concerns and experiences engaging in those same uses. The survey found that shore use, scenic/natural views, paddling, and swimming were the top choices of respondents. Participating in these activities on a regular basis (weekly or monthly), the biggest concern to a majority of the respondents was litter/trash on land and in the water.

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