Nuclear Power, Weapons and Waste Management
Publication Year: 2020

Nuclear Power, Weapons and Waste Management: A 40-year Retrospective

Greenberg, M., J. Burger and K. Lowrie, eds.  (2020).  “Nuclear Power, Weapons and Waste Management: A 40-year Retrospective,” Risk Analysis virtual issue, available at:
Our aim with this virtual issue is to provide a compendium of papers that examines the range of risks and benefits of nuclear power, weapons production, waste management, and associated human dimensions of these risks and benefits to society and individuals. Papers cover topics such as the siting of weapons plants and power plants, commercial power production, nuclear wastes, management of stockpiles, repositories, potential accidents, and environmental justice, especially for Native Americans and people of color. These issues have engaged a wide range of social, physical, and biological scientists, as well as managers and regulators interested in risk.
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