Pathways to State Pollution Prevention Regulatory Integration
Start Year: 2017

Pathways to State Pollution Prevention Regulatory Integration: The SPRINT Compendium

This report presents the result of Phase I of the State Pollution Prevention Regulatory Integration Initiative (SPRINT). SPRINT’s design involves identifying and documenting current and promising IPs and working collaboratively with partner states to develop integration agendas based on selected IPs. In doing so, SPRINT is designed to support partner states with both technical and organizational change expertise to achieve its P2 transformation goal. During SPRINT-Phase 1, Tellus developed this Compendium of P2 Innovative Regulatory Integration Practices based on a review of P2 regulatory integration efforts underway in states. Also, during Phase 1, Tellus is entering into Memoranda of Agreement with several states. These state agreements outline the partnerships between Tellus and these states that will be underway in Phase 2. During Phase 2, Tellus will work cooperatively with the partner states to develop and implement long-range, customized P2 regulatory integration agendas based on the Innovative Practices contained in this Compendium. The ultimate goal of the Tellus-state partnerships is to transform the underlying culture and operations of the agencies to be P2-based.

At this juncture, SPRINT is limited to P2 in relation to industrial use, generation and release of regulated toxics and pollutants. However, we recognize that regulatory integration is relevant to other areas of state regulatory activity such as agricultural and non-point source P2. While industrial toxics are the focus of Phases 1 and 2, subsequent phases may well embrace these equally important opportunities for achieving P2 regulatory integration.

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