Perth Amboy 2nd Street Park
Publication Year: 2017

Perth Amboy 2nd Street Park


Carnegie, J., W. Hoefer, R. Alomar, A. Hernandez, S. Malone, S. Meehan, T. Sanchez, M. Ticker, A. Viani, L. Von Hagen. 2015. City of Perth Amboy 2nd Street Park Concept Design, prepared for City of Perth Amboy and Middlesex County Improvement Authority.


In May 2014, the Middlesex County Improvement Authority (MCIA), working with the City of Perth Amboy, under funding from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Brownfields Program, contracted with a team of community planning specialists and landscape architects from Rutgers University to develop a concept design to convert a contaminated site into a community park that meets the needs and interests of the surrounding neighborhood residents. The Rutgers team was charged with conducting community outreach efforts and through those findings, develop a concept plan for the City’s new 2nd Street Park.

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