The New Jersey Industrial Survey Project
Start Year: 2017

The New Jersey Industrial Survey Project N.J.A.C.7:1F 1979-1982

Between 1979 and 1982, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection conducted the Industrial Survey Project. The goar of the project was to trace the fate and effect of toxic substances throughout the state. This report will aid the many requests NJDEP has received for an overall review of the Industrial Survey Project focusing on methods used to conduct the survey. This report is intended to address those requests and to also give a general summary of the major finding of the New Jersey Industrial Survey Project. Hopefully this report will provide guidance and suggestions togovernment agencies, lawmakers, and public interest groups considering similar programs.

The design and development of the Industrial Survey Project was conducted with the guidance of Dr. Michael Greenberg of Rutgers University and Dr. Judith Louis of the Office of Science and Research. This report ~as prepared with the assistance of the following staff members in the Office of Science and Research: Alan Bookman, William Mennel, Jack Schooley, and Barbara Sergeant. Special thanks are extended to Cindy Cox and Mary Jo Baker whose patience and diligence made preparation of this report possible.

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