Sustainable Raritan Awards

Raritan River Initiatives

Sustainable Raritan Awards

If you believe a person, organization or governmental group has gone above and beyond the call for a more Sustainable Raritan we would like to know about them.  We are presently accepting nominations in the following categories:

  • Citizen Action
  • Government Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Non-Profit Innovation
  • Public Access
  • Public Education
  • Remediation and Redevelopment
  • Stewardship
  • Sustainable Business

Letters of nomination should include the following information:

  1. Name of nominee organization, municipality, county or individual
  2. Category you wish to nominate them for
  3. Description of activities that support your candidate for recognition
  4. Photographs, articles or other media to support the nomination
  5. Nominee’s contact information (including street address, email and phone numbers)
  6. Contact information of person making the nomination (including street address, email and phone numbers)

 Access Nomination Form Here