Start Year: 2019

EAC team produces report on health impacts of New Jersey’s draft Energy Master Plan

Rutgers scholars have been at the forefront of promoting Health in All Policies (HiAP) as a collaborative approach to reducing disparities and improving the health of all communities and people by incorporating health considerations into decision-making across sectors and policy areas.

As part of the EAC team’s continuing HiAP efforts in New Jersey, they prepared a set of insights on opportunities to integrate health considerations into New Jersey’s draft Energy Master Plan, based in part on collective knowledge in the health impact and health equity fields, and in part on a literature review conducted on prioritized portions of the EMP. The report offers a “health lens” through which to view some of the potential impacts of implementing elements of the EMP. This analysis focuses on health equity, or the concept of equitable access to conditions and resources that allows one to live the healthiest life possible. It pays strong attention to impacts on populations and communities that may already suffer disproportionate health, social, environmental, and economic inequities, which may be exacerbated by a proposed decision. Thus, this evaluation is in effect a public health prevention model intended to help to prevent potentially unanticipated negative outcomes and costs, and to provide guidance on policy decisions that will improve health and reduce disparities.

Read the report here