GPS & Drone Workshops co-sponsored by CRSSA

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Are you interested in learning how to use your smartphone or tablet as a GPS or GIS data collector while you’re out in the field? Are you curious about Drone Mapping? Join us on Monday, December 11th and Tuesday, December 12th for informative and interactive day long workshops.

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On December 11th, the workshop will explore the growing trend of using smartphones and tablets in the field as GPS/GIS data collection devices (BYOD – Bring Your Own Device). Carrying a specialized “GPS handheld” is no longer necessary to collect high-accuracy, feature-rich data. How accurate is the GPS chip inside your iPad? How can you get sub- meter or centimeter accuracy using your iPad, iPhone or Android device? Which software should you use on your smartphone/tablet to collect GPS/GIS data?

On December 12th, learn about how you no longer need a traditional FAA Pilot license or a $50,000 drone to start using UAVs for mapping and inspection. The FAA rules changed last summer so it’s much easier to start flying now.  Consumer drones are getting better, faster, less expensive and easier to fly.  The workshop will explore the current FAA rules for flying drones and what it takes to obtain a drone pilot certificate. It will also offer a discussion about different types of drones, costs, and capabilities. By attending you will learn about examples of products and data you can produce with an inexpensive drone.

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