R3C Goals, Objectives and Strategies

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Rutgers Raritan River Consortium (“R3C” or “Consortium”) is a collaborative effort at Rutgers University’s New Brunswick-Piscataway campus that recognizes the critical value of the Raritan and its environs to the social, economic and ecological integrity of the region that Rutgers calls home.  Our mission is to utilize Rutgers’ proximity to the Raritan to inform university-based education, research and scholarship and to apply our efforts, in collaboration with Raritan partners, to advance improvements in regional planning, policy and decision-making that positively affect the ecology and economy of the Raritan Region.

In May of 2017, members of the R3C met to brainstorm their vision for the Consortium for the coming year (2017-18) and for the next five years.  Using this information and assessments of the needs of the larger Raritan community, the R3C steering committee has outlined the goals, objectives, and strategies that the Consortium needed for implementation of the strategic plan.  This is a work in progress and we welcome your comments/suggestions via email to Carrie Ferraro or Sara Malone.

Draft Rutgers Raritan River Consortium Goals, Objectives and Strategies – FY18