Planning for Healthy Outdoor Spaces for Older Adults
Publication Year: 2018

Planning for Healthy Outdoor Spaces for Older Adults


Lowrie, K. Bell, A. Kapahi, V. Kopsco, A. Kusi, J. Kwan, M. Gonzalez, J. Henderson, I.& Schkrutz, E. Planning for Healthy Outdoor Spaces for Older Adults. Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey Urban Planning and Policy Development

How to Improve Mobility & Amenities at Farley Towers, Elizabeth, NJ

The Housing Authority of Elizabeth, in conjunction with the Lifelong Elizabeth program of Jewish Family Services of Central New Jersey, requested Rutgers University to provide recommendations on how to improve the outdoor spaces of J. William Farley Towers, a low-income, public-housing building for older adults in Elizabeth, New Jersey. The project examines these recommendations through the lens of what is known as an age-friendly community initiative. This report outlines and analyzes recommendations for the property. The first two sections provide an overview of this project and the context of the property and its residents. The third and fourth sections set out to learn about the needs and wishes of the local resident population. The final section details the specific proposed recommendations, split between those that enhance mobility and other that suggest new amenity improvements.