Start Year: 2017

Rutgers 2030 Plan Elements Focus of Graduate Planning Studio

This Fall 2017 studio focused on environmental, conceptual design, regulatory and health and safety aspects of planning two components of Rutgers 2030: Rutgers University Physical Master Plan – the Raritan River boardwalk and the bicycle/pedestrian bridge across the river that will jointly help reestablish an intimate relationship between the City of New Brunswick, Rutgers University and the Raritan River.  These Rutgers 2030 plan components propose to enhance bicycle and pedestrian access between the Livingston and College Avenue campuses via a new bicycle/footbridge across the Raritan and will reconnect the Delaware and Raritan canal and trail network at the north end of College Avenue campus to Boyd Park and the Rutgers Boathouse at the foot of Douglass campus via a riverwalk on the New Brunswick side of the river.  The guest lecture style studio taught by Sara Malone examined important considerations in the planning and design of the components that are intended to address a variety of objectives including maximizing multi-modal access via Rutgers campuses, increasing student and overall access in and through the tidal reach of the Raritan River, and contributing overall to the redevelopment of the New Brunswick campus. (final report pending)