Real-Time Hydrological Observatory and ERDDAP Interface

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A real-time water quality monitoring station has been deployed on the bottom of the Raritan River in the mid-channel in front of the Rutgers Class of 1914 Boathouse (at approximately Lat/Long 40.488960, -74.33184). YSI/Xylem EXO2 Sonde sensors include: conductivity, temperature, depth, dissolved oxygen, salinity, chlorophyll, turbidity. A Sontek Argonaut-XR ADCP measures pressure, temperature, and current velocity.

All data coming from the gaging station is recorded every 10 minutes and uploaded every hour to the ERDDAP server. Twelve minutes later the data is processed and posted to the public. You can create graphs or view raw data as it comes in by refreshing the page.

In addition to the ERDDAP interface, the Raritan River Consortium has partnered with the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station Office of Research Analytics, to develop an easy on-line interface.  This interface allows users to select parameters by time period of interest and then graph or download data from the hydrological station as well as from US. Geological Survey stations elsewhere in the Raritan basin.

On-line Access to Real-time Raritan River Hydrological Observatory (RRHO) Interface

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Links to the Raritan River Mooring ERDDAP* server:

Link to Raritan River Bathemetric Dataset ERDDAP* server:

ERDDAP* documentation and tutorials:

The Raritan River Real-Time Hydrological Observatory is a project of the Rutgers Raritan River Consortium with funding provided by the Johnson Family Chair in Water Resources and Watershed Ecology, and the Department of Marine and Coastal Sciences.

The RTHO Interface is developed by the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station Office of Research Analytics in partnership with the Rutgers Raritan River Consortium.

Methodology for development of the Raritan River Bathemetric ERDDAP data set is described here.

*ERDDAP = Environmental Research Division’s Data Access Program