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Publication Year: 2016

Center for Energy, Economic & Environmental Policy (CEEP) Energy Reports

Book Chapters

Taking Chances: The Coast after Hurricane Sandy. Karen M. O’Neill (Editor), Daniel J. Van Abs Ph.D. (Editor), Frank Felder (Contributor).
June 2016

Additional Reports & Working Papers

Overview of New Jersey Power Outages: Risks to the New Jersey Grid
March 2014

Weather related Power Outages in New Jersey
February 2014

A Review of Connecticut’s Renewable Portfolio Standards
July 2011

PSE&G Energy Technology Demonstration Grant Program – Final Report
March 2011

Economic Impacts of Energy Infrastructure Investments
October 2010

New Jersey’s Current Energy Landscape Presentation
January 2010

Distributed vs. Centralized Planning and Trade-off Analyses for Electric Power Systems in a Carbon Constrained World
April 21, 2008

The Economic Principles for Demand Response and Implications for Market Structure and Market Power
June 21, 2007 – 3rd Seoul International Conference on Electricy Markets

New Jersey Hydrogen Learning Center: Year One Report
May 15, 2007

New Jersey Meadowlands Commission Renewable Energy Task Force: Background Report on New Jersey’s Energy & Policy Landscape
August 2006 – This report was prepared for the Meadowlands Renewable Energy Task Force members to provide information about the state’s energy background that will enable them to have a more informed discussion of renewable options to meet their goal of 20 MW of renewable energy by 2020.

New Jersey’s Energy Infrastructure: Investing in our Future
March 2006 – This energy infrastructure study was undertaken at the request of the members of the Center’s Advisory Board and participants of the Strategic Issues Forum. It was part of a yearlong process that included a series of structured discussions with the Forum.

Northeast RPS Compliance Markets: An Examination of Opportunities to Advance REC Trading
October 12, 2005

Assessment of Customer Response to Real Time Pricing Report: RESA Final Report for Task 1
June 30, 2005

Evaluation of CO2 Emission Allocation as part of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI)
June 30, 2005 – The report discusses several different methods of allocating CO2 emission allowances as part of a regional greenhouse cap and trade system.

Untangling Environmental Markets
April 2005 – David Bogomolny, Frank Felder and Scott Weiner consider the complexities caused by overlapping RECs and emissions markets.

Economic Impact Analysis of a 20% New Jersey Renewable Portfolio Standard | Appendix A-B | Presentation
December 01, 2004

Process Evaluation of the Renewable Energy Programs Administered and Managed by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities, Office of Clean Energy | Appendix A, B, C, & D | Appendix E
November 2004– Prepared by Aspen Systems Corporation

Discussion Paper Prepared For The New Jersey Clean Energy Council – Impacts of Environmental Externalities Upon Relative Costs of Renewable Technology & Impact of The Deployment of Renewable Generation On The market Price of Electricity
October 07, 2004

Further Advances in Forecasting Day-Ahead Electricity Prices Using Time Series Models
October 07, 2004

New Jersey Renewable Energy Market Assessment (Navigant Report)
August 02, 2004

Shining Light, Not Shedding Light
August 2004 – The Electricity Journal, pp. 51-54, 4 pages. To request a copy of article, email us.

New Jersey and the Hydrogen Economy
July 21, 2004

New U.S. Generation Market Power Analysis and Mitigation Procedures – What Is the Federal Regulatory Commission up to?
June 2004 – IPPSO FACTO, pp. 32-33, 2 pages.

Visions of a Hydrogen Future: Strategic Issues Affecting the Emergence of a Hydrogen Economy
March 2004 – IEEE Power & Energy Magazine, 2(2): 26-34. 9 pages.

City Planning and Energy Use
January 2004 – In Cleveland, C., ed., Encyclopedia of Energy, San Diego, CA: Elsevier. 18 pages.

Incorporating Resource Dynamics to Determine Generation Adequacy Levels in Restructured Bulk Power Systems
January 2004 – In KIEE International Transactions on PE, Vol 4-A No. 2, pp. 100-105. 7 pages.